The 3D Interdisciplinary Map of Science Ideas

An overarching organization scheme for concepts and principles that goes beyond traditional curriculum organization.


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Inquiry Under the Microscope Toolkit

Breaking down inquiry into its components and introducing them to teachers progressively as a series of small adaptations.


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The PLATON e-Agorá infrastructure

PLATON's central e-learning hub where tools and materials are organized into meaningful, complete and well-structured entities.


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Project Leaflet

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3D printables

3D printables can be a lot of fun for students. Click here to view some of our fun print and cut educational materials!
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PLATON materials

In PLATON we are constantly create new materials for teachers. Click here to get access to all the educational materials produced by the project.
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PLATON is a two-year European project launched on September 2016. It aspires to provide teachers and school communities with a coherent teachers’ training framework which will update their current teaching practices. More particularly, PLATON aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

- Promoting student-centred teaching approaches;

- Promoting a holistic interdisciplinary approach;

- Support the use of online educational tools;

- Support the meaningful collaboration between teachers of the same school.


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