ISE Summer Academy 2016 about to kick off!

Only few days left before the Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy 2016 starts in Marathon, Greece.

The Inspiring Science Education Academy 2016 (ISE) is specifically designed for teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and consists of several courses. The common objectives of all ISE courses are to introduce teachers to implementing Inquire Based Science Education (IBSE), as well as to apply resource based and project-based teaching approaches. Teachers and education professionals will be trained in linking those approaches with the numerous collections of open digital educational resources, in order to design educational scenarios by repurposing existing ICT and online based tools.

  • The ISE Academy 2016 is the place to meet teachers from around the globe!
    This year we are excited to welcome 200 science teachers from all parts of Europe and the United States of America. A unique program for the teachers from Europe and USA has been created, an inspiring mix of workshops, lectures, excursions to extraordinary landmarks and archaeological sites, as well as cultural performances.
  • The ISE Academy 2016 is the place to combine Arts with Science!
    This year we are joining forces with Big Van Science group from Barcelona. They are a group of Spanish scientists, actively working in labs and universities in Spain and abroad, who are passionate about science communication. By using live comedic performances as a vehicle to bring science to the general public the group educates and informs with improvisational humor!
  • The ISE Academy 2016 is the place to link ICT with Science Education!
    Meet and discuss with the people of ScienceScope from UK, the developers of BBC micro bit. ScienceScope revolutionized the education market by introducing Datastore software on the BBC computer helping to launch the concept of datalogging as a teaching tool within the school environment.

You are interested to learn about STEM school education, but couldn’t make it this year? Join us in 2017! And in the meantime, have a look at the other courses offered by ESEA