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Our solar system originates from a cloud of interstellar gas and dust that either, started collapsing under its own gravity, or collapsed due to some disturbance 4.6 billion years ago. Most of the gas and dust formed the early Sun while some remaining gas/dust kept orbiting around the Sun eventually forming the planets, their moons and all other smaller objects of the solar system. The cloud itself was formed by previous generations of stars that ended their lives and returned part of their matter back into the interstellar medium.

Connection to Big Idea about forces: Our Solar System formed through the collapse of a huge cloud of gas and dust through the force of gravity.

Connection to Big Idea about particles: All the elements (apart from hydrogen and helium) that the solar system is made of, were formed through nuclear fusion in the nucleus of massive stars, which were in our neighborhood and exploded as supernovae. When these stars exploded these ejected elements formed a giant cloud. 4.5 billion years ago the cloud collapsed under its own gravity forming our solar system. 

Subjects related: Physics

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