PLATON Summer School 2018

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The PLATON summer school is a 6-day training course on the PLATON methodology. Through this summer school the PLATON team aims to bring teachers from different countries together and thus give them the opportunity to collaborate, exchange experiences and practices and build onsite a community of practice.

The PLATON methodology focuses on:

a) The inquiry approach, including examples of use, guidance on how to use inquiry in everyday teaching as well as materials to be used in the classroom;

b) Enabling teachers to provide their students with a knowledge structure that overarches all science disciplines and will allow them to use it as a reference point in making connections between science topics taught in different disciplines and different grades as well as between subjects taught at school and everyday life.

c) Fostering interdisciplinary teaching by introducing innovative collaboration techniques between teachers of different science disciplines. 

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Mon, 27/11/2017


Marathon, Attiki, Greece


PLATON is a two-year European project launched on September 2016. It aspires to provide teachers and school communities with a coherent teachers’ training framework which will update their current teaching practices. More particularly, PLATON aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

  • Promoting student-centred teaching approaches;
  • Promoting a holistic interdisciplinary approach;
  • Support the use of online educational tools;
  • Support the meaningful collaboration between teachers of the same school.



Largo Topázios 48,
2785, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 453 7440

Email: platon@nuclio.pt