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Redox comes from the combination of words reduction and oxidation. Redox is a chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons between two species. As results the oxidation number of a molecule, atom, or ion involved in Redox changes.

Connection to big Idea about energy: As any chemical reaction redox occur simultaneously spontaneously only if the total energy of the products is lower than this of the reactants. Galvanic cells (batteries) are structures in which the chemical energy released  by a spontaneous reaction of oxidation is transformed into electric energy.

Connection to Big Idea about the cell: Cellular respiration involves many reactions in which electrons are passed from one molecule to another. Reactions involving electron transfers are known as redox reactions.

Connection to Big Idea about Earth: The transfer of electrons for microorganisms means energy. On Earth, there are microbes that take advantage of redox reactions to gain the energy they need to live. This capacity allows them to thrive independently from the energy coming from the Sun. These microbes are an example of how life might be able to survive in environments where sunlight is not necessarily an option.

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